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8 UX Design Examples by Create Ape to Inspire Your Site


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There are awesome UX design examples all over the internet, but we’re here to show you WHY they’re great!

If you’re familiar with UX or not, it still has a big impact on the success or failure of your site. It’s not just about bringing in new users—but also showing them around your site and keeping them coming back for more.

So, What Makes a Good UX Design?

A successful UX design usually has these three things in common:

  • Simple-A clean, clutter-free design helps the user focus on their goals.
  • Intuitive-Anticipate what the user needs and how you can help them.
  • Effortless-Because the user WILL remember how easy or hard it was to use your site

And Why is it Important?

The proof is in the pudding (or, more accurately, this stats blog from websitebuilder.org).

  • Intentional UX design can boost your conversion rates by as much as 400%.
  • 61% of users will flock to your competitors if they can’t find what they’re looking for quickly.
  • 74% of users are likely to return to a mobile-friendly website and 67% are more likely to make a purchase.
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY—only 55% of companies conduct user testing (where 85% of usability issues are found).

Basically, UX design (when it’s done right) gives you an excellent leg-up on your competition. Always put yourself in the user’s shoes to figure out the best way to get them from point A to point B.

Our UX design examples will show you the basics of how CreateApe guarantees a great user experience and how you can do something similar for your site.

Get Inspired by our Top 8 UX Design Examples

Help the user QUICKLY find what they’re looking for

What’s the main goal of someone visiting a commercial real estate website? If you said “To search for available properties,” then we’re on the same page!

This design for Matthews Real Estate leaves no room for ambiguity. The messaging is clear, and it’s the first thing you see when you open the page. 

We also satisfy two different users in one toggle switch. This lets the user view properties for sale or for lease.

Matthews UX Design Examples by CreateApe
  • Satisfy the user’s search intent right away
  • Make sure your message is clear and to the point
  • Throw out anything that may confuse or distract the user

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Show the user you care

Empathizing with your user means understanding who they are, why they’re visiting your site, and how they’re feeling. 

Seeking treatment for an eating disorder is scary and stressful for patients and family members alike. That’s why we wanted Alsana’s site to be as inviting as possible.

The purpose of Alsana’s website is to inspire hope for recovery instead of selling treatment plans. Because it's paired with seamless navigation, the user feels less anxiety while finding help.

  • Show the user that you’re there to help
  • Think about what kind of visuals and features
  • Make navigation as simple as possible

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Make a tedious task quick and easy

Do you hate scheduling doctor visits as much as we do? Create an effortless way for your patients to book appointments again and again.

We designed an appointment portal with a short and sweet form for Perpetual Motion Physical Therapy. This takes away the burden from the patient while helping the client pull in new users.

We also went the extra mile and added a page of accepted insurance plans. This lets the user know they're covered before they even have to ask.

PMPT UX Design Examples by CreateApe
PMPT UX Design Examples by CreateApe
  • Answer the user’s questions before they have to ask
  • Make a dull task straightforward and painless
  • Only ask for necessary information in your forms

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Create some unique features

Stand out from your competitors by including a unique website feature that helps users achieve their goals.

Think about how you can make your services more convenient for the user. Medikeeper creates products for employee wellness, so how could they help businesses keep track of employee wellness through COVID-19? By developing a handy virtual screening app!

Having a great idea is just the first step. The best UX design examples need to be as easy to use as they are innovative and timely.

We designed a streamlined survey with friendly illustrations to check for symptoms and give the user suggestions for the next steps if they are at risk.

Medikeeper UX Design Examples by CreateApe
  • Ask yourself: What do you offer that your competitors don’t?
  • Help the user accomplish their goal in a unique way
  • Create solutions that benefit the user long-term

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Get to know your user through your onboarding experience

Personalization is huge in UX design because it shows the user that you’ll give them a great experience by tailoring your solutions to their individual needs.

The onboarding process is crucial in creating personalized experiences—but instead of setting up a profile for your user, treat onboarding as an opportunity to get to know them!

Onboarding is especially important when creating e-learning platforms like Wurrly.edu. Here, we built the user’s dashboard around the information they gave us during the onboarding process. This is so we can show the content most relevant to their needs first.

Wurrly.edu UX Design Examples by CreateApe
  • Do plenty of research to understand your users
  • Ask the right questions to show that you care
  • Incorporate their feedback into the design to show that you listen

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Take your website on-the-go

Making your website mobile-friendly is more than just copy/pasting your site on a phone screen.

A smaller screen means less space and less time to meet the user's needs. To make your mobile experience as strong as the web, restructure your content to show the most important things right away!

Think of your mobile design as a hierarchy. Ask yourself, “What is the main reason a user would come to my website?” Now, make that the first thing they see and make it fit into a smaller space.

This UX design example for Viesso puts the user’s needs front and center. They should be able to understand what your site is all about right away.

Viesso UX Design Examples by CreateApe
  • Resize your design to fit a phone screen
  • Make sure your user sees the most important things first
  • Check out our blog for more Mobile Design Tips

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Keep it simple, stupid!

Minimalism will probably never go out of style (at least in UX design).

Just because a design is simple doesn’t mean it has to be boring. In fact, with an uncomplicated design, it’ll be easier to communicate with your user and help them solve their problems.

Looking at these UX design examples from Soleo Communications, you can see that a crisp, white background goes a long way. It’s an easy way to group things together and helps your secondary colors (accents and CTAs) pop!

Soleo UX Design Examples by CreateApe
  • As always, keep your design as clutter-free as possible
  • Use minimalism to create an effortless, but sophisticated look
  • Prioritize the user’s needs over a complex design

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That being said…don’t neglect visuals

Every design choice you make should have meaning behind it—to help the user solve a problem. But that doesn’t mean “don’t be creative.”

UX and UI go hand in hand because they cover everything the user interacts with on a website. When your design is both usable and good-looking, you create a lasting impression with your user while giving your brand a chance to shine.

Once you have a solid navigational experience in place, ramp up your design with interesting content, original iconography, and maybe some fun animations!

  • Remember: The best UX design examples are as on-brand as they are easy to use
  • Build out a solid flow first, then design around it
  • Get creative with your use of color and typography to make your brand stand out

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So, What Did We Learn from These UX Design Examples?

Web design trends will come and go, but UX is here to stay. By empathizing with the user and designing FOR them, we can help them solve their problems and build trust—which is good for your business, too!

Following these UX design examples will help you create a memorable experience that your users won't soon forget!

Need some help improving your user experience? Check out our web design and development services to see how CreateApe can help.

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