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What is User Experience?

A user’s experience (UX) is how a user feels when interacting with your product. In the digital world, that includes websites, web applications, mobile applications, desktop software, and everything else that falls under the umbrella of human-computer interaction. Our user experience designers know how to make using your website easier than peeling a banana. Read more about our approach in our UX strategy blog!

The Value of User Experience

It’s not enough to just design something that looks good. If it provides the user with a frustrating experience, what good is it? Users will leave with a negative opinion of your product, and you’ll lose out on conversions. Creating effective and engaging user experiences isn’t just a “nice to have”, it’s a core part of our UI/UX design services.

In fact, companies across a variety of industries that use UI/UX design services can boost their conversion rates anywhere from 200-400%! Pretty cool, huh? Hear what our clients have to say about our user experience designers.

Design without proper research is just design for the sake of design. Every decision our UX/UI designers make during a project must be supported by the data.
Looking at something on an artboard is one thing, but how does it function? We build prototypes in order to see if the user journey makes sense beyond the paper.
A wireframe is a simple presentation of a website. It is especially useful during a product’s early stages as it conveys your design ideas. Once this skeleton is in good shape, we move on to hi-fi versions.
Our user experience designers conduct usability testing before, during, and after designing something to make sure we get as much real-world data as possible to inform our decisions.

Our UX/UI Projects


B/SPOKE wanted to refresh their website after the pandemic. They approached us to find the balance between approachable and no-nonsense for their digital presence.

Flexfit Nu

Flexfit launched a new branch of their business model called Flexfit Nu, designed to be the future of premium headwear. But what’s a perfect ball cap without some sleek promotional landing pages?

Performance Health Partners

PHP wanted to simplify their Incident Management System to make it easier for healthcare workers to document patient and employee concerns. They asked us to overhaul the user flows and remove key friction points while making small tweaks to improve the branding.


To ease the adoption of the system by new users, Filejet asked Create Ape to design a user-friendly self-onboarding channel that transferred users directly from the website to the cloud-based platform.

Fountain Life

Fountain Life sought out Create Ape for a website redesign to match their cutting-edge technologies. But we didn’t stop with a rejuvenated interface — we also delivered optimized location pages, email templates, and social ads to raise awareness for their healthcare revolution.

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