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February 13, 2023
Our Incident Management System for PHP Ranks #1 Best in KLAS!

Awards come in all shapes and sizes (much like apes)! But when one of our digital product designs wins a prestigious award in one of the largest industries we serve, it’s hard not to brag.

Speaking of…our Incident Management System design for Performance Health Partners just ranked #1 by Best In Klas for Healthcare Safety, Risk & Compliance Management Software! Pop some champagne, peel a banana, and soak up this victory with us.

According to PHP’s blog, “Best in KLAS is a designation given to healthcare technology and services companies that have been ranked highest by healthcare providers in the annual KLAS Research report. The KLAS Research report is a widely recognized and respected industry benchmark for healthcare technology and services, and is based on feedback from thousands of healthcare providers.”

To win this award, their software needed rave reviews from users (healthcare providers) and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry. So it’s safe to say that the CreateApe-designed Incident Management System is a big hit with hospitals around the country!

Creating an easy-to-use incident reporting tool was no small task for our team. After all, management doesn’t end after a report is made. To resolve issues quickly and promote safety, they needed detailed (yet expeditious) forms and follow-up tools to make informed decisions. A simple, streamlined design alone wasn’t going to cut it.

We worked in tandem with PHP’s creative team to conceptualize a valuable digital product that ticks all the boxes. Also, as a product for healthcare providers, we had to work around extra hurdles surrounding complex app permissions and HIPAA/ADA compliance.

But after a few brainstorming sessions, evaluations, and a refreshed UI, we finally had it — A KLAS research-approved Incident Management System. Just LOOK at those performance metrics!!!

But, as always, we’re not successful unless the client is successful. We’re super grateful for PHP’s collaboration and feedback throughout this project. Congrats PHP, We wish you lots of continued growth with your Incident Management System!

You want to win awards, right? Of course, you do! Our design team knows a thing or two about raking in industry accolades. Start your award-winning digital product project with us today!

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March 16, 2019
How We Get Lucky In The Jungle

We know we got you with that tagline. As we celebrate St. Patricks day you might all be going out to explore the luck of the Irish, but this is how we get lucky in the jungle. This St. Patricks day, we want to say a big thank you to our clients over the years who have expressed how lucky they feel to have found us in this massive corporate jungle!

We all have different expectations of what’s at the end of the rainbow. For us, our pot of gold is hearing impactful and positive feedback from our clients. This year, we’ve been feeling the luck with In 2019 alone, CreateApe has been featured as a top UX/UI leader in Orange County and Los Angeles. The companies featured are chosen for leadership, technology, and marketing expertise and we’re elated to be among them.

Getting Lucky In The Jungle 

Voted as one of the top agencies for creative and design, our feedback from Clutch reflects our success that’s all due to our clients! Although we love the creativity and challenge that’s involved in flushing out a project, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the benefits of our work coming to life and hearing positive feedback from our designs.

As we look back on all of our favorite projects, we can’t help but look at the results too. Not only do our clients feel the benefits of fully robust new designs, but the numbers don’t lie. Increased conversion rates, visitations, and page impressions are all a product of the design work our team creates and we couldn’t be prouder.

Clients Getting Lucky

CreateApe was rated as a 5-star service by a client of ours who provided feedback on a In this case, the project was for a real estate management company and involved a full-size digital rebrand. The activities ranged from web development, an overarching website redesign with various landing pages, and email design.

Their VP stated, “CreateApe is now a trusted, long-term partner thanks to their constant drive towards innovation and the conscious effort they make to provide top-level communication. They use an iterative approach to hone a brand’s core message, and never lose sight of a projects ultimate goal.”

We pride ourselves in being intuitive and adaptable, and our clients think so too. One of their team members also commented, “We can give them a skeleton model and they come back with an incredible representation of what we’re seeking.”

Getting Over the Rainbow

Some of the challenges we overcame with this project? We wanted to create a more cohesive brand for their online presence. To ensure that, whenever a user went to their site, everything was consistent and clear in terms of visual and content. We also wanted to add ingenuity and innovation- but just enough it wouldn’t distract and deviate from their brand vision. Ultimately, leading to higher conversion.

Another project we did for an AI Marketing Company was raved about on At the time, the company was going through a complete rebrand that included renaming and repositioning themselves. That’s where we came in.

After we helped brainstorm ideas, we redesigned their website from the ground up. We were able to develop a whole new look and feel of the site and assisted in transferring the backend to WordPress.

Not only did their internal team appreciate the new design, but investors and the in-house sales team found the website easier to navigate. They reviewed, “CreateApe went above and beyond to meet all needs, while their expertise and exceptional communication skills helped them deliver a top-notch product on time.”

“The website was part of our rebrand campaign, so the design was very important to us. CreateApe understood exactly what our CEO and our team wanted. They were able to interpret our ideas even when we weren’t articulating them clearly.”

We love when our clients lean on us for expertise and knowledge. Even better, we love it when we see our customer’s reporting increased results. Want to get lucky in the jungle with us? Let our CreateApe expert team be your jungle guide. We will help you traverse the wilds as we take your project to new heights.

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