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What is Marketing?

Marketing is how you spread the word about your brand. It doesn’t just consist of the obvious stuff we provide like emails, social media posts, and PowerPoint presentations, but it’s also product placement, guest blog posts, news releases, SEO strategies, and anything else you can think of to help get your name out there. Website design and marketing are everywhere, and we’ll help you cut through the digital clutter to be seen.

The Value of Marketing

Marketing helps build awareness about the awesome product you’ve created. Without it, you’re going to have to rely on organic spread via word of mouth, and that can lead to extremely slow growth. Not only can we support you with great UX/UI designs and web development, but our website marketing services will also help you create strategies to generate more traffic for your product.

In 2021, 55% of all marketing was done digitally. This means that companies with great products utilized digital marketing strategies to grow their business. If you have a great product that the world NEEDS to know about, we’ll help you spread the word far and wide with excellent website design and marketing campaigns.

We use UX best practices for everything we do — especially in our website marketing services. Research helps us understand our target market and how we want to approach our strategy.
Here is where we actually enact our marketing strategy, generating awareness and excitement for the product or brand we’re promoting.
After devising the plan of action, we create the strategy and the content for the website design and marketing. This often involves multiple iterations to achieve the best outcome.
We analyze the data in order to further refine our strategy. By testing what we’re doing, we know what works and what doesn’t, informing future marketing decisions and strategies.

Featured Projects


To ease the adoption of the system by new users, Filejet asked Create Ape to design a user-friendly self-onboarding channel that transferred users directly from the website to the cloud-based platform.

Fountain Life

Fountain Life sought out Create Ape for a website redesign to match their cutting-edge technologies. But we didn’t stop with a rejuvenated interface — we also delivered optimized location pages, email templates, and social ads to raise awareness for their healthcare revolution.

Manic Panic

Manic Panic’s outdated website and massive inventory of colors made it difficult for users to choose their next shade. To help streamline the shopping experience, they tasked Create Ape with refreshing the brand and simplifying the user journey.

Perpetual Motion Physical Therapy

PMPT needed a client-facing site for users to find their services and book appointments. We created their entire site from end-to-end, making it easier for patients to start their road to recovery.

Lustful Olive

Lustful Olive was just an idea that their founder had. He wanted to share his love of authentic olive oil with the United States. We helped him turn his dream into a reality.

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