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March 16, 2019
How We Get Lucky In The Jungle

We know we got you with that tagline. As we celebrate St. Patricks day you might all be going out to explore the luck of the Irish, but this is how we get lucky in the jungle. This St. Patricks day, we want to say a big thank you to our clients over the years who have expressed how lucky they feel to have found us in this massive corporate jungle!

We all have different expectations of what’s at the end of the rainbow. For us, our pot of gold is hearing impactful and positive feedback from our clients. This year, we’ve been feeling the luck with In 2019 alone, CreateApe has been featured as a top UX/UI leader in Orange County and Los Angeles. The companies featured are chosen for leadership, technology, and marketing expertise and we’re elated to be among them.

Getting Lucky In The Jungle 

Voted as one of the top agencies for creative and design, our feedback from Clutch reflects our success that’s all due to our clients! Although we love the creativity and challenge that’s involved in flushing out a project, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the benefits of our work coming to life and hearing positive feedback from our designs.

As we look back on all of our favorite projects, we can’t help but look at the results too. Not only do our clients feel the benefits of fully robust new designs, but the numbers don’t lie. Increased conversion rates, visitations, and page impressions are all a product of the design work our team creates and we couldn’t be prouder.

Clients Getting Lucky

CreateApe was rated as a 5-star service by a client of ours who provided feedback on a In this case, the project was for a real estate management company and involved a full-size digital rebrand. The activities ranged from web development, an overarching website redesign with various landing pages, and email design.

Their VP stated, “CreateApe is now a trusted, long-term partner thanks to their constant drive towards innovation and the conscious effort they make to provide top-level communication. They use an iterative approach to hone a brand’s core message, and never lose sight of a projects ultimate goal.”

We pride ourselves in being intuitive and adaptable, and our clients think so too. One of their team members also commented, “We can give them a skeleton model and they come back with an incredible representation of what we’re seeking.”

Getting Over the Rainbow

Some of the challenges we overcame with this project? We wanted to create a more cohesive brand for their online presence. To ensure that, whenever a user went to their site, everything was consistent and clear in terms of visual and content. We also wanted to add ingenuity and innovation- but just enough it wouldn’t distract and deviate from their brand vision. Ultimately, leading to higher conversion.

Another project we did for an AI Marketing Company was raved about on At the time, the company was going through a complete rebrand that included renaming and repositioning themselves. That’s where we came in.

After we helped brainstorm ideas, we redesigned their website from the ground up. We were able to develop a whole new look and feel of the site and assisted in transferring the backend to WordPress.

Not only did their internal team appreciate the new design, but investors and the in-house sales team found the website easier to navigate. They reviewed, “CreateApe went above and beyond to meet all needs, while their expertise and exceptional communication skills helped them deliver a top-notch product on time.”

“The website was part of our rebrand campaign, so the design was very important to us. CreateApe understood exactly what our CEO and our team wanted. They were able to interpret our ideas even when we weren’t articulating them clearly.”

We love when our clients lean on us for expertise and knowledge. Even better, we love it when we see our customer’s reporting increased results. Want to get lucky in the jungle with us? Let our CreateApe expert team be your jungle guide. We will help you traverse the wilds as we take your project to new heights.

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November 20, 2023
Create Ape Swings to Victory with Clutch Global and Champion Awards!

CreateApe, the digital product design team you know and love, has emerged victorious with not one, but two prestigious awards from Clutch.

Clinching the Clutch Champion and Clutch Global awards catapults us into the top 10% of service providers on the trusted B2B platform. This is a clear sign that our creativity and innovation are a force to be reckoned with in the digital design domain.

Clutch Global Award: Conquering the Digital Jungle

The Clutch Global Award recognizes CreateApe's excellence in digital product design among Clutch’s worldwide user base. Like a wild ape swinging effortlessly from tree to tree, our team's agile solutions and client satisfaction have reached new heights around the globe. 

This award celebrates our ability to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape, delivering top-tier design solutions with a universal impact.

Clutch Champion Award: King Of User Experiences

The Clutch Champion Award is our golden banana, symbolizing our reign as a leader in the digital kingdom. 

Our 50+ 5-star reviews illustrate CreateApe’s unparalleled success and drive to consistently exceed client expectations. We’re truly humbled to be acknowledged for our commitment to powering impactful user experiences, one product at a time.

Hear Us Roar: When Our Clients Succeed, We Swing Higher

At CreateApe, our values are the vines that anchor us in the jungle of digital innovation. When users are happy and clients feel empowered, it’s just more motivation for us to push the envelope and leverage technology to its fullest.

This mantra is woven into everything we do, propelling us to create transformative experiences that equip our clients with everything they need to thrive in the digital jungle. Our success intertwines as strategic partners, and these awards affirm the efficacy of our approach.

A colossal 'thank you' resonates through the canopy to our incredible clients. Your trust and collaboration are the compass guiding us through the brush. To our talented team, you are the true colony rulers, venturing deeper and deeper with each project to find meaningful solutions.

The Next Expedition

CreateApe is excited to explore new territories, push boundaries, and take our creativity to new heights in 2024. The digital jungle is teeming with new possibilities, and we look forward to the next challenge.

The Clutch Global and Clutch Champion Awards are not just milestones, they’re badges of our reliability and determination. We’re proud to be your jungle guide and we're ready for the next journey through the great outdoors.

Want to work with the Clutch-approved masterminds of the digital wilderness? Start a project with us today!

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December 26, 2022
Create Ape Named Top Agency Experts In the Digital Space By Rise 25

A competitive market is a jungle, especially for digital product design agencies waiting for their next big project.

Surviving the wild isn’t enough for CreateApe. In today’s market, thriving is the name of the game — and we want to be the guide that helps our clients become king of the Jungle!

But success as a digital design agency doesn’t come overnight. Even the best agencies in the world have ups and downs. What matters is that if you get knocked down, you get back up again (cue “Tubthumping” by Chumbawumba).

No project is without flaws, but CreateApe powers through them by developing innovative UX strategies that benefit the business and the user. Let’s just say our approach hasn’t gone unnoticed.

CreateApe’s CEO Alessandro Fard was recently named a Top Agency Expert by Rise 25, a B2B service using podcasts to increase a company’s ROI. In the article, Rise 25 spoke with Fard about launching an agency from the ground up and the importance of remaining true to your vision.

When starting a design agency that emphasizes business and UX strategy, it’s crucial to define the goals and values that set your business apart from competitors. This helps new companies carve out a niche that guides their services and growth as an organization.

Fard also noted that failure is to be expected early on — it’s just a part of life. You may encounter a client that doesn’t understand the value of design strategy or needs more for their project than you can accommodate. 

Recognizing your strengths as a designer/agency is key, and remaining faithful to your brand and design philosophy will protect your reputation despite the pitfalls of getting your business off the ground.

“Even businesses have growing pains,” says Fard, “So learn from your mistakes and recover quickly to maintain trust and authenticity.”

CreateApe’s agility and strategizing prowess have earned us several accolades in the B2B space — and we’re honored to be named a Top Agency Expert by Rise 25!

Are you ready to give your users a satisfying experience tailored to your brand and business goals? Our user-obsessed approach leads to solutions that are always customized and optimized. Start a project with us today!

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March 7, 2022
Create Ape Ranks as One of California’s Best Recommended B2B Firms by The Manifest

We’re heading into the second quarter of 2022 with not one, not two, but FOUR awards from The Manifest. Talk about bringing home the bananas!

The Manifest doesn’t monkey around when it comes to small businesses. As an excellent hub for news and resources, we’re thrilled to be included in their list of “California’s Best Recommended B2B firms for 2022."

CreateApe ranked #13 in “Most Reviewed Web Development Companies,” “Most Reviewed Design Companies,” and “Most Reviewed Digital Agencies”—and #4 in “Most Reviewed User Experience Companies in Los Angeles.”

The rankings are based on the number of new reviews and recommendations left on over the last 12 months. So shout out to our awesome clients for helping us receive this recognition!

We’re always happy to be rewarded for our hard work as a team, but we’re even happier knowing we were great jungle guides for our partners over the last year. We’re more excited than ever to help businesses swing to new heights in 2022.

Want to see what CreateApe can do for you? Read about our services or drop us a line!

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December 12, 2022
Create Ape’s Digital Product Designers Named Global Leaders by Clutch

In true CreateApe fashion, our digital product designers are ending 2022 with a bang!

Clutch, the leading B2B marketplace for businesses, announced their top-ranking global creative and design agencies. And guess who made the list?

That’s right…your friendly neighborhood apes placed 8th out of all the digital product design firms IN THE WORLD! Read the full report.

This is no small feat for us. CreateApe began as a small collective of UX/UI pros handling website design and development. But in 2022, we’ve evolved into a multi-skilled team of international digital product designers taking on large-scale projects across multiple industries.

Do we plan on pumping the breaks next year? Absolutely NOT! Big things are waiting for us above the treetops.

“Last year’s growth was pretty robust. This year we’re hoping to continue to grow at a more sustainable pace to make sure the qualities that make us stand out in the agency space are front and center.” Said CreateApe CEO Alessandro Fard.

Our UX strategy and design approach has helped us take new and existing products from just an idea to fully formed, user-friendly experiences for companies big and small. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our clients have to say about the CreateApe experience.

This isn’t our first award from Clutch, and it certainly won’t be our last. Every time a happy client walks away with a new digital product in hand, it supports our theory that continued success comes from true collaboration.

“I think that the award reinforces the foundation of our policy of treating our clients like partners. What we’re learning is that when our clients are successful, we can also be successful.” Said Fard.

So, got any big plans for your company in 2023? Maybe a website redesign, a brand-new app, or a full-fledged SaaS system?

Leave it to one of the fastest-growing teams of digital product designers on the planet (and maybe the galaxy) to put your plans into action. Start a project with us today!

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March 13, 2023
Create Ape Earns Clutch's "Top 1,000 Companies" Award

When you’re part of a dynamic design company like CreateApe, sometimes it’s important to sit back and reflect on your success. You can gauge our positive impact on digital products through our glowing Clutch reviews — or we could sum it up with a few shiny badges!

In 2022, we scaled the tallest trees in the industry to earn the Top Company badge in Product Design, UX Strategy, and in the entire state of California! In addition to those accolades, we also earned the prestigious “Top 1,000 Global Companies” badge.

Our business goals for CreateApe get bigger and bigger every year. And being rewarded so frequently by one of the top B2B platforms is all the validation we need to keep reaching for the highest bananas!

“Receiving these awards is humbling and fuels our passion for continuing to drive success for our clients. We win when they win!” said CEO Alessandro Fard. “As we shift our efforts towards digital product design and development, these awards are an amazing way to get our name out there and celebrate the team’s hard work.”

He added “Being recognized in our home state, as well as being a top global company in our space, is incredibly rewarding. At the end of the day, we are passionate about two things: our clients' success, and creating powerful user experiences.”

We’ve shown major signs of growth and development as a company within the past few years. As we take on more clients and build more products, we’re excited to be in the driver’s seat among top industry players!

Are you just itching to get one of the highest-ranking companies on Clutch to build your digital product? We don’t blame you…Start a project with us today!

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