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What is Branding?

Brands are defined by logos, typography, color palettes, packaging, templates, photography, messaging, and more. It complements and reinforces the existing reputation of a brand and attracts new customers while making existing customers feel at home. Simply put, a brand is defined by a customer’s overall perception of the business. To keep that perception positive, every company needs a unique UX/UI design, solid branding strategies, and a meaningful brand marketing approach.

The Value of Branding

Iteration and testing are the cornerstones by which we conduct all of our UX designs, but it’s especially true when it comes to branding. We create multiple versions of things like logos, refining throughout each step until we reach a final product that matches your vision, and then we conduct real-world tests to ensure efficacy.

A memorable brand has to balance multiple things from user friendliness to recognition and relatability with your target audience. Since 90% of online users expect to have a consistent brand experience across all platforms and channels, branding strategy is a MUST in the UX process. Learn more in our Website Branding Guide!

We UX-ify everything, even branding, and that starts with research. Meetings with stakeholders help us gain a general feeling of the direction to take when creating a brand identity.
Regular check-ins with you help us close in on which ideas are working. We’ll continue to refine our design choices, delving deeper into specific concepts where necessary.
Sessions of branding strategy brainstorming determine what concepts speak to the brand identity we are trying to create while also aligning with business goals.
Final Design
After securing a path forward, we deliver the high-fidelity designs. This is where the big picture really comes together and the entire brand marketing strategy is formed.

Featured Projects


B/SPOKE wanted to refresh their website after the pandemic. They approached us to find the balance between approachable and no-nonsense for their digital presence.

Flexfit Nu

Flexfit launched a new branch of their business model called Flexfit Nu, designed to be the future of premium headwear. But what’s a perfect ball cap without some sleek promotional landing pages?

Performance Health Partners

PHP wanted to simplify their Incident Management System to make it easier for healthcare workers to document patient and employee concerns. They asked us to overhaul the user flows and remove key friction points while making small tweaks to improve the branding.

Fountain Life

Fountain Life sought out Create Ape for a website redesign to match their cutting-edge technologies. But we didn’t stop with a rejuvenated interface — we also delivered optimized location pages, email templates, and social ads to raise awareness for their healthcare revolution.


The SchoolMessenger interface was running on a 20-year-old design and software program. Intrado, SchoolMessenger’s parent company, enlisted Create Ape to modernize its UX/UI.

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